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Working Hard For You

Friends of Fred Eiland

Theodore Roosevelt

My name is Fred Eiland and I want to be your Delegate in District 13 for the House of Delegates for the State of Maryland. I am the Community Organizer for the Village of Oakland Mils and would represent you on the state level. My family has lived in Columbia for the past 41 years. James Rouse is my hero. I share his goal  to respect the land,  to be a real city not just a better suburb, and  to produce an environment that is felicitous for the life and growth of the man, the woman and the family. The Columbia Concept by Mr. Rouse and his vision of Columbia are alive and well but need rejuvenation, one community for all. I will represent your interest, not the party's, not my own view, but the view of the people. I am committed to serving the people of our community and will work diligently to keep you aware of what is happening in our neighborhoods. District 13 is a large district with many different issues. Having spent 27 years in the grocery business most of the time in management, I am a people person. As a previous Oakland Mills Board member and for the past three and half years serving as of the Oakland Mills Community Organizer, I value the voice of the community. A democracy works best when every citizen participates. Help me help  you! Join my fight to make every vote count and to have your voice heard.

Candidate Fred Eiland